Advantages of buying Semi-Hermetic compressors vs Hermetic compressors

The most significant factor that makes an industrial or commercial compressor last is maintenance. It was a nightmare to repair the early commercial compressors that led to long downtime periods that are unacceptable in today’s work environment. With Cali HVACs hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors, you can achieve 100% up-time 100% of the time.

Leading remanufacturers of semi-hermetic compressors

The main advantage of semi-hermetic compressors is that many of their key mechanical parts can be repaired rather than be entirely replaced if they fail. Cast iron casing is used for its essential parts, and even though the motor and compressor are housed together, they can be accessed easily.

An overview of hermetic compressors

A hermetic compressor’s most significant performance benefit is that since the motor and compressor are located under a single welded steel shell, it is supremely leak-proof. However, due to the steel shell, it is almost impossible to perform repairs. If you have a hermetic compressor failure, then you need to replace the entire compressor. This obviously leads to unexpected and dramatic costs.

Advantages of buying Semi-Hermetic compressors vs. Hermetic compressors

  • You can’t open hermetic compressors
  • Since you can’t open it, this means you can’t repair it; you have to replace it fully
  • We can repair semi-hermetic compressors at job sites without needing to swap the whole compressor
  • You can purchase remanufactured semi-hermetic compressors instead of new
  • The benefits of remanufactured compressors is that you save a lot of money than buying new
  • Semi-hermetic can last up to 2-4x longer than hermetic • Semi-hermetic compressors are built a lot tougher

More info about these two types of compressors

In a hermetic compressor, the compressor and motor are coupled to the same shaft. It is enclosed & sealed in welded steel. One advantage is that this can prevent leakage, but you can’t open it as I said. Since it’s more compact, this makes it easier for you to handle & install. In semi-hermetic compressors, the compressor and motor are separate. It is connected by either a belt or crankshaft. You have easy access to both the compressor and motor; this can save you money by repairing or rebuilding it. Both hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors are references to airtight seals that are used to safeguard components. They aim to isolate the central compressor and engine insecure environment. This prohibits any dust and other contaminants enter the liquid making it sluggish or flooding. Hermetic compressors come at a low ownership cost, but the operating noise can be pretty high. They are also likely to suffer higher levels of vibration than their counterparts. A semi-hermetic compressor is a financially efficient option of the two. But if you want to increase its life, then maintenance is critical. Its operating conditions need to be monitored and optimized in order to achieve its maximum value. At Cali HVAC, you can find the most advanced compressors with an internal range of sensors, such as those of Trane Helirotor. So don’t waste a second of your business and get your compressor needs fulfilled today!