Electric Motors

People, in general, tend to opt for new, unused equipment, but at Cali HVAC, we are firm believers that if you have the expertise, then refurbished equipment can offer the same benefits as a new one. That being said, we hold an eclectic collection of refurbished electric motors that are guaranteed to bring you everything you require at a much lesser cost. Here are the many brands that we offer. Browse to your satisfaction and call us when you have made a decision.

Marathon Electric motors-all-in-one motor solutions

The Marathon brand’s reputation is known far and wide to deliver precisely what they claim and more. They offer electric motors and motor solutions equipped with higher efficiency and IE4 for the roughest and toughest industries around the globe. The Marathon electric motor is used in industrial and commercial applications catering to voltages of 120VAC to 13.8kV. Since every motor is backed by 100 years of experience and the latest engineering technology buying a refurbished motor from Cali HVAC is the practical way of getting all of its benefits at a lower price.

WEG motors- versatility personified

WEG is a key player in the market that supplies a range of 40W to 1100W motors that are suited to a wide spectrum of uses and industries. Choosing a motor that stands strong in the face of challenging environments is crucial, and WEG definitely lives up to its claim of doing just that. The refurbished WEG electric motor is used in many fields, including medical technology, plant, and machine construction, industrial automation, high-tech, and logistics, but there isn’t any limitation to its usage. Regardless of your field, you can be confident that WEG motors are a cost-effective, technically sound solution that will exceed your expectations.

A.O. Smith/Century Motors-pioneers of electric motors in HVAC

A.O. Smith motors have been bringing high-standards of electric motors for industrial and commercial use for over 100 years. Their cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient solutions are what make them the clear choice for customers worldwide. The formerly A.O. Smith motor now goes by the name of Century, but that’s all that has changed. The product remains the same and is widely used in industrial and agricultural functions. At Cali HVAC, you can get a refurbished A.O. Smith electric motor that brings you the same quality performance as a new one. There’s something to be said for attaining quality at affordable prices, which is why going with this option is your best bet at maintaining maximum productivity Semi Hermetic Compressor.

Siemen motors- consistent, trouble-free automation

Siemens electric motors are highly coveted for use in industrial production and all for the right reasons:

    • User-friendly maintenance and operation
    • Sustainable materials
    • Latest cooling system
    • Reliable insulation
    • Production in compliance with international standards
    • Ergonomic and compact design
    • Minimal noise 
    • Resistant to high overloads
    • Superb efficiency 
    • Easy to operate 
    • Refurbished Siemen’s motor from Cali HVAC is greener than its new version making it a favorable choice, especially if you’re looking for all the pros without the added cost.

Baldor motors- innovation at its peek

Baldor motors fully comprehend your needs and aim to deliver products that meet them but also offer higher production quality. They have embraced technological innovations like no one else, and this is evident in the traits of their electric motors, which are as follows: Large size with increased capacity to handle mammoth jobs

    • Explosion-proof- keeping your employees safe
    • Power dense
    • Durable
    • Reliable
    • Operates at lower energy levels


Baldor electric motors are available with varying horsepower ranging from 1/5oth to 15000HP. Cali HVAC proudly offers their refurbished motors so you can gain the same advantages but without the added burden to your budget. Don’t fret over needing a new electric motor and browse through our comprehensive list to get the motor that delivers what you need and more!

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  • Baldor
  • WEG
  • Marathon
  • A.O. Smith/Century
  • Siemens
  • And many more!

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