WEG Motors and Where They Come From Historically Uses and Applications

WEG Motors originated in the city of Jaraguá do Sul, September 16th 1961. An electrician, an administrator and a mechanic pooled their know-how, experience and skills and founded Eletromotores Jaraguá. It is through the vision of these three far-sighted entrepreneurs that the company continued to grow and expand. Sometime later, the company name was changed to WEG. This was in tribute and reference to the initials of the company’s founders. Following on a building on from this WEG Motors has now become a global name in the motors business. WEG Motors is a name that is recognized today as one of the largest manufacturers of electric equipment in the world.

The track record of the organization, conceived by the company’s founding fathers; Werner, Eggon and Geraldo, is marked by success. The set of values, beliefs and ideals supported by the founders is deeply embedded and rooted in the organization and its culture and establishes the winning paths the company has followed all along its history. A fearless, dynamic and grand essence is the driving force that keeps WEG motors continually working towards success.

WEG Electric Motors Types

WEG started out producing WEG electric motors, but then in the 1980s as demand shifted it started to expand its activities and concurrently its product lines, making electrical and electronic parts, products for industrial automation, power and distribution transformers, liquid and powder coatings and electrical insulating varnishes. The company then proceeded to consolidate its position not only as a leading and exceptional manufacturer of motors, but also as a supplier of complete industrial electrical systems, that all served to complement its WEG electric motors line

CaliHVAC and the various different types of WEG Electric Motor

WEG electric motors are of various types such as the products mentioned below:

  • Steel Motor
  • W01 Rolled Steel
  • W40
  • W40 AEGIS Inside
  • W22 Magnet Drive System

WEG Electric Motors Uses and Applications

There are a multitude of applications for WEG Electric Motors. Here at CaliHVAC we make use of them in our Heating Ventilation And Cooling systems to provide our customers with the best possible product experience available in the market.