Why Choose Us?

We offer the best remanufactured HVAC/R compressors in the industry and here are crucial reasons why we remain your first choice for top-quality compressors.

Original Quality At All Times

Our remanufacturing process is detailed to ensure you get the original compressor quality at the end. We start by disassembling the compressors and cleaning them to ensure they are free of any filth and are returned to its original manufactured appearance. Any defective parts found during the cleaning process is thrown out and so are rods, valve reeds, o-rings and gaskets. Our cleaning process is safe for the environment, and no chemicals harmful to the ecosystem is used.

Every Part is Replaced

We ensure that all parts of the compressors are OEM spec and meet strict quality control standards before they are added to the remanufacturing process. All of the components in our remanufactured compressors are NEW.

Performance Tested

Our remanufactured compressors are tested one more time; major parts of the compressor are are tested cautiously. We ensure that there are no pressure leaks or defects in the compressor before it is shipped out to ensure customers get the best remanufactured compressor in the market at all times.

1 Year Standard Warranty

All of our remanufactured compressors come with 1 year standard warranty from the time of purchase. Please contact us for more details on our warranty & your options on purchasing additional years of warranty.