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The compressor is the most noteworthy component of an HVAC system. They are the biggest energy-sucking part which is why they need to be in top shape at all times. At Cali HVAC Compressors, we aim to bring you remanufactured compressors with superior quality over factory-new and rebuilt compressors. Choosing the right compressor can be confusing, but knowing what to look for in a remanufactured one can help you make the right decision.

Qualities of a remanufactured HVAC compressor

If you’re on the fence about choosing a remanufacture air conditioner and refrigeration compressor, then the following benefits may put you over.

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Carlyle Catalog

Carlyle Catalog

Buying a compressor means taking everything into account, from the manufacturer’s brand and reputation to the availability of repair parts and technicians.

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Copeland Catalog

Over time, Copeland Discus semi-hermetic compressors have become the go-to choice in the refrigeration industry. 

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Trane Catalog

Although Trane products are synonymous with superb air conditioning systems, they are not to be taken lightly when it comes to commercial refrigeration.

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York Catalog

York AC compressors are one of the top-selling industry products. They offer a diverse line with innovative, reliable, and efficient designs, making them the clear choice amongst all others.

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Carlyle Catalog

Electric Motors

People, in general, tend to opt for new, unused equipment, but at Cali HVAC, we are firm believers that if you have the expertise, then refurbished equipment can offer the same benefits as a new one. 

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Semi-Hermetic vs Hermetic

The most significant factor that makes an industrial or commercial compressor last is maintenance. It was a nightmare to repair the early commercial compressors

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