About Us

The compressor is the most noteworthy component of an HVAC system. They are the biggest energy-sucking part which is why they need to be in top shape at all times. At Cali HVAC Compressors, we aim to bring you remanufactured compressors with superior quality over factory-new and rebuilt compressors. Choosing the right compressor can be confusing, but knowing what to look for in a remanufactured one can help you make the right decision.

Qualities of a remanufactured HVAC compressor

If you’re on the fence about choosing a remanufacture air conditioner compressor, then the following benefits may put you over.

Cost and warranty

Among the many benefits of a remanufacture, compressor one of the most appealing ones is its lower price. However, despite its lower price, it is backed by the same warrant that many OEMs offer. At Cali HVAC we offer a one-year warranty on all the compressors that we remanufacture and sell. This shows that we provide what we claim. We ensure that all the parts in our products are rigorously cleaned, checked, or upgraded to meet and exceed expectations of the latest OEM tolerances and specifications.


The growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives has made way for remanufactured compressors that help industrial and commercial facilities to assume a responsible role in reducing their carbon footprint. Remanufactured Cali HVAC compressors have the new parts of new units but require significantly less energy to produce. When choosing Cali HVAC for your compressor needs, you are opting to save a substantial cost and time for all your businesses. We’re talking about fewer repairs and breakdowns with extended equipment life and consistent energy consumption. The compressors we remanufacture are a much greener option than new OEM compressors. This reduces industrial waste products and limits the need for enhanced use of raw materials and manufacturing. With so many benefits to be had and comparing replacement options, you will find that rebuilt AC compressors are a sound investment that will support all your energy conservation efforts. We offer different brands of compressors, and if you have something in particular that you require, then bring in the core, and we will remanufacture it for you right here!