Siemens Motors

Siemens Motors Types and Uses

Siemens motors are amongst the most well known and durable motors available in the market today. They are robust and built to last no matter what application you may have in mind when contemplating what to use them for.

The various types of Siemens motors employed in industry today range anywhere from residential to commercial use and can cover a wide range of requirements, both business and non-business related.

Siemens motors cover some of the following types:

  • AC brushless motors
  • DC brushed motors
  • DC brushless motors
  • Direct drive
  • Linear motors
  • Servo motors
  • Stepper motors

Siemens Motors are employed in a wide range of industries and various applications ranging from low-voltage to high-voltage applications. The range of applications that Siemens motors are used for can leave a person shocked, but honestly when a product is of such high-quality it is not difficult to understand how it can be used so far and wide and by so many different types of users.

Siemens Electric Motors Applications

The applications of Siemens electric motors are far ranging. The uses Siemens electric motors, however, do generally cover the following fans, blowers, machine tools, turbines, pumps, power tools, compressors, alternators, rolling mills, movers, ships, and paper mills. Siemens electric motors are an important device in various applications like high voltage AC heating, cooling & ventilating equipment, motor vehicles, and home appliances as well.

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